„We’re very proud of becoming members of the VDP (German quality winegrowers association) in 1999. As a VDP.Winery we categorize our wine according to the VDP.Classification which defines the quality of a wine by its “terroir” – the origin of the wine in connection with our wine quality.”

Andreas & Bernd Spreitzer

VDP.GROSSE LAGE® (Great Growth) is the term used for the highest quality vineyards in Germany. The vineyards are demarcated by their defining lots. This is where the best wines ripen, distinguished by their expressive single vineyard character and an enhanced ageing potential. These vineyards are planted with vines that are regionally typical and appropriate for the individual vineyard soil.

VDP.ERSTE LAGE® (First Growth) are first-class vineyards showing individual characteristics and optimal growing conditions, proving long-term that they produce wines of consistent high quality. They are planted with grape varieties typical of the winegrowing region.

VDP.ORTSWEINE (village-designated wines) are ambassadors of their locale. They grow in prime, distinctive and traditional vineyards within a specific village. In addition to the quality vineyards, regional grape varieties and reduced yield are prerequisite to these wines.

VDP.GUTSWEINE (regional wines) are the entry level to the quality pyramid of German quality winegrowers, focussing on the correlation between wine quality and grape origin. These wines come from estate-owned vineyards and adhere to the strict quality standards of the VDP.

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