History: 1641 bis heute



The Spreitzer wine estate is one of the oldest in the town of Oestrich and, as such, holds a firm spot in the long history of viticulture in the Rheingau. The roots of the estate go back to the year 1641. Still today the family uses the unique vaulted-ceiling cellar built back in 1743. Here the wines find the perfect environment and all the time they need to unfold to perfection. The winery office and the wine shop are situated right above the wine cellar – and diagonally across is the family’s beautifully refurbished Art Nouveau-style villa, including characteristic baroque elements. A simple pivot on the heel renders a fantastic view of the Rhine River, just 100 meters away.

Gewölbekeller aus dem Jahr 1743



Heinrich Spreitzer, Bernd and Andreas‘ great-grandfather, was a restaurateur. At the end of the 19th century he ran the well-known restaurant in the main train station in the city of Mannheim, yet he dreamed of owning a winery. In the year 1899 this became a dream come true. He invested all his savings and founded the Heinrich Spreitzer wine estate at the edge of the town of Oestrich.

It wasn`t only in business that Spreitzer expanded. His wife bore him seven children – five boys and two girls. One of the young’uns was Josef Spreitzer, the grandfather of today’s active Spreitzer generation.

Heinrich Spreitzer



Before Josef Spreitzer began to run his own winery, he was a very successful manager of Hess Winery. While working there he harvested 600 liters of must with the incredible sugar level of 303° Oechsle in the year 1920. It wasn’t until 2003 that this record was broken in the Rheingau! At the time the wine was called “1920 Oestricher Bremerberg-Eiserberg Trockenbeerenauslese“. At the time the Fresenius wine laboratory in Wiesbaden confirmed the sugar level. In memory of this amazing wine, Spreitzer’s Spätlese from the Lenchen vineyard in Oestrich still bears the name »303«.

With the help of his father Heinrich, Josef Spreitzer took over Hess Winery in 1929, changing the name to Josef Spreitzer wine estate. Parts of his parents’ winery were also integrated into the new estate.

It was a true blessing for Josef that he was able to make wine at all …During World War I, his future, and with it that of the entire branch of the family, was literally balanced on the edge of a knife. In 1916 Josef was involved in a dramatic fight at the Battle of Verdun. An English soldier saved his life at the very last second. The deep bond to Great Britain remained even after 1945. The family still has a strong network in the English-speaking world. Great Britain, the USA and Canada, alongside Scandinavia, are amongst their most important exports markets today.

Josef Spreitzer



In 1953 Bernhard Spreitzer, now our winegrower emeritus, took over the business. Bit by bit he built up the family estate’s success and still has a watchful eye over the vineyards. He was the instigator for the family estate’s international trade, taking the wines as far as Buckingham Palace and the former French President Charles de Gaulle. In 1983 Bernhard was given the state honorary award for best winegrower of the vintage. An accolade for him and the entire wine estate!

Furthermore, he joined the Rheingau Charta Association in 1988. This winegrower’s association was founded in 1984 by a group of winery owners including Bernhard Breuer. The goal is to protect and support the cultural element of Rheingau Riesling. The Spreitzers are among the very few wineries which still hold true to this tradition. Every year they create a new vintage of Charta Riesling, adorning the bottle with a special artistic label to tell the wine’s own new story each time.

Bernhard Spreitzer



In 1997 Bernhard Spreitzer handed over the running of the business to his sons Bernd and Andreas. Till today the two have been not just brothers but best friends. This seems to be the ticket to their success. The brothers are very different in many ways. Their individual strengths compensate the other’s weaknesses.

From the very start they both agreed that they would march forward with their father’s quality crusade. They aim for wines with distinctive fruit aromas, a delicate minerality and a refreshing acidity. All wines, from the basic VDP.Gutswein quality up to the top VDP.Grossen Gewächs, are easily accessible, yet deeply complex – a titillating dance on the tightrope… The VDP (German quality winegrowers association) has been the benchmark for their determined path from the very start. And together with the other Charta winegrowers they joined the ranks of the VDP in 1999. Being a VDP.Member is a privilege the brothers are very proud of!

Andreas und Bernd Spreitzer
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